Client Playing Volleyball After Successful Muscle Rehab Therapy
Mario = Magic. No matter the issue, you come off his table brand new and fresh. Being surrounded by the best people makes the experience even more amazing. Thank you, Mario, and everyone at MRT for your endless support and help!
Julia Blyashov
Client Completing Ironman Marathon Thanks To Muscle Rehabilitation Therapy
I compete in Ironman triathlons and consider the MRT Pros team an imperative part of my training. Lynn, Mario, and team are masters at their craft and add that personal touch to the science of muscle therapy. They constantly work with me to resolve problems and provide additional follow up exercises to strengthen areas they recognize as muscle weakness. The team has taught me a lot about diagnosing and managing problems and I consider MRT Pros as part of my Ironman team.
Ron Graham
As a family with elite athletes, we know what it means push our bodies to their max and all the injuries that come as a result – injured backs, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, blown ACLs, etc. Before coming to MRT, an injury could mean weeks aways from our sport to recover, which is why the risk of injury was always top of mind. Since coming to MRT on a regular basis, we’ve been taught the importance of injury prevention and the practical tactics we need to incorporate into our daily routines to help our bodies perform at their max. When we do suffer an injury, we no longer panic because we know Mario and the MRT team will fix us and we’ll walk away feeling 100% better and pain-free. The MRT staff have become a trusted advisor and partner for our family. We could never have come back from injuries as quickly as we have, or continue to push our bodies, perform and recover like we do without our MRT family. We are blessed to have the MRT team as part of our sports journey and our Family!
Female Corrective Exercise Therapy Client
Griffin family
I have been going to MRT Pro’s for over 5 years and without a doubt, if it wasn’t for Mario and his amazing team that I would not have been able to compete in sports at a high level (if at all). Mario and his team take the time to listen to what ails you, quickly and accurately diagnose the cause and then take a personal interest in helping you get better. Being a customer here is more like being part of a big family. The level of personal attention and sincere interest into making you feel better is rare in today’s world and MRT has it in droves. The team at MRT will take the time to explain the treatment plan, let you know of any at home exercises that you should do and then go about “painfully taking the pain away”. If you are looking for a relaxing massage, there is an abundance of places you can go but if you are looking to speed up an injury recovery and get back to your best self physically, then MRT is the only place to go.
Male Neurokinetic Therapy Client
Steve Matthews
As a chiropractor I know when someone has mastered their craft when it comes to body work. Mario is definitely a master. His knowledge of the body, ability to get at the root cause of pain and treatment style are second to none. Mario was integral in helping me bounce back after surgery. He also helped me to stay healthy and continue training to enjoy a half Ironman last year. I strongly recommend using his service whether you have pain or not. You will be making the right investment of your time and resources!
Female Corrective Exercise Therapy Client
Dr. Devin Shea
I came to Mario for the first time with a bad ankle sprain due to competitive women’s volleyball. I was in a boot and on crutches. I was told by doctors that I would be out for months. After meeting Mario, he told me I would walk out of his office without the boot. He was right! I was back playing volleyball quicker than I ever thought possible. He made the impossible possible! Mario’s recommended therapy work was great for injuries, but it also helped with injury prevention. It changed my life! I was more successful physically as an athlete and had more knowledge of how to take care of my body for the future. Six years later, Mario is still my first call when I am back from college.
Female Corrective Exercise Therapy Client
Trinity Durfee
MRT Pros and Mario have been my second home for the past 6 years and I couldn’t be more thankful. Between severely sprained ankles and back spasms, Mario has got me back to the court not only in minimal time but also better than I came in. As an elite athlete, taking care of our bodies is one of the most vital parts and Mario has been one of the biggest components of keeping me successful on the volleyball court.
Female Corrective Exercise Therapy Client
Delaynie Maple
Beach volleyball player
MRT Pros saved my practice. After spending thousands on chiropractic care and doctors, I had said to my wife, I don't know how much longer I can practice dentistry. Shortly after, I found MRT Pros. Now my back feels great, and I can easily manage my work schedule. I still go for maintenance because I want to, not because I have too.
Male Neurokinetic Therapy Client
Dr. Gregg Gechoff
My name is Brian, and I was a PGA teaching professional in San Diego for three years. As I started my teaching career, I could only do between 20 and 25 lessons a week due to extreme back pain and standing for long periods of time. I met Mario at my golf course and we begin a relationship as teacher to student. I then I found out through our lessons and conversation that Mario was a muscle rehab therapist and I informed him of my back situation. That was a life-changing day for me as after my very first session with Mario, my entire body felt like it was new. By the time that I reached the pinnacle of my career, I was giving 80 lessons a week with zero pain. I can’t emphasize enough how much Mario and his office had done for me. I recommended almost all of my students to Mario with all of them coming back with great results as well.
Female Corrective Exercise Therapy Client
Brian Blessing
PGA pro golfer
As a mother of an athlete, Mario and MRT have been invaluable to me! For 5 years, Mario has helped my daughter through ankle sprains, hip injuries, and overall aches and strains. His muscle rehab therapy and process always gets her playing and feeling great in much less time than just going to PT. Mario truly cares for his clients, he goes more than the extra mile, and there is no one who can do what MRT does. That is why he is our Super Mario.
Female Corrective Exercise Therapy Client
Lisa Rosado