Mario Mabini


Mario Mabini is a soft tissue rehabilitation specialist. He entered the field over 22 years ago. His initial goal was to learn about soft tissue recovery.

 As a result, he began training learning about medical massage, sports massage, and injuries, neuromuscular anterior and posterior massage, deep tissue, acupressure, myofascial release, and cupping. A single dad, he also gained experience working as a project manager for business growth. He has overseen successful projects including a bid package for a $30 million wind energy project (the first in Baja Mexico), along with restaurants, residential and commercial construction, a concierge shipping business, and land development. Mario has always had a commitment to being the best in soft tissue care. In 2012, he started building a soft tissue rehabilitation practice using his extensive project management and business skills. That is when MRT Pros (Muscle Rehab Therapy Professionals) was born.

Currently, Mario is also one of the board members that is building a new Massage Therapy School projected to be open by 2023 here in San Diego.

Corrective Exercise Therapy Expert

Lynn Davis

Clinic Manager

Lynn believes in a thorough assessment of a client’s body history to achieve a proper treatment plan.

She specializes in correcting dysfunctional patterns due to injuries and repetitive behaviors, as well as educating her clients to provide self- care to progressively reach a point of living without pain. “Pain is a request for change in our body. You can heed that request, ignore it, or even chemically BLOCK it. The change is still needed regardless, and you may end up paying a steep price if you ignore it long enough.”
Lynn is our Lead Muscle Rehab Therapist and Clinic Manager.

Neurokinetic Therapy Expert

Mimi Hughes

Muscle Rehab Therapist

Mimi is originally from Chicago; she made her move to California to escape the cold and grew to appreciate the fitness-minded attitude of the people of California.

As a former athlete she is no stranger to injuries. She decided to specialize in rehabilitative massage treatments. Mimi is trained in Deep Tissue, Thai massage, Sports Massage, Cupping Therapy and Neurokinetic Therapy. She is currently working on her NASM personal training and corrective exercise therapy certifications.

Cassie Vega

Muscle Rehab Therapist

Cassie was born and raised in New York City where she met her husband. The Marine corps shipped the newlyweds off to Okinawa Japan where they spent 6 years.

In 2017 they returned to the US that’s when Cassie began studying Massage therapy. Cassie is trained in Deep Tissue, Thai Massage, sports Massage, Cupping, and advanced Cupping. She is currently training in Lymphatic Massage. After 2 years at a spa Cassie found a modality of massage, she feels true passion for at MRT Professionals.

Muscle Rehab Therapy Expert

Samara Tricarico

Nutrition Health Coach

Integrative nutrition health coach, supports MRT clients with holistic health coaching services.

Curious about how nutrition and lifestyle can help support your journey to a more healthful life? Samara is here to help. She will provide practical ways for you to incorporate food as medicine and conscious movement to enhance your treatment experience.